Earning & Redeeming Rewards

Arana Leagues Club My Star Rewards


myStar Rewards offers five levels of special privileges and rewards. By using your Membership Card around the Club, you can build up a balance of Status Credits which determines the level you are on. The more Status Credits you earn over a 6-month rolling period, the higher the level you will achieve and the more privileges and benefits you will enjoy.

How do I know which level I am on?
Ask our staff at any Point-of-Sale or at the Membership Desk.

How do I move up a level?
On the 17th of each month your Status Credits are reviewed and if you have earned the required Status Credits in the preceding 6 months, you will move up a level.

Can I go down a level?
Status Credits will be reviewed every 6-months on May 17th and November 17th and your level will be adjusted accordingly.


What are they and how do I earn them?
Star Points are awarded to you each time you spend in the Club. Star Points automatically accumulate when you present your card and make purchases around the Club at KICK Bar & Grill, Tall Story Café, Bars, Bottleshop or Bingo service areas or when you insert your card when playing the gaming machines.

You can earn Star Points in the following ways:

  • Earn 1 point for every $1 purchase at Food, Beverage or Bingo
  • Earn 1 point for every $6 play in Gaming

You can earn extra points in Gaming and at the Kiosk for certain levels of myStar Rewards.

How do I spend them?
Star Points can be used to make purchases on Club products or can be converted to cash at the Gaming Cashier. At any time, you can check how many Star Points you have at the Member Kiosk, insert your card into a Gaming Machine or ask our staff at the Membership Desk for assistance.
Value: 100 Star Points = $1

How long do I have to use them?
You have 12 months to use your Star Points from the day you earn them. After this period, any unused points will expire with the exception of Diamond and Platinum members whose points do not expire.