Terms & Conditions

Arana Leagues Club My Star Rewards

  1. The promoter of the myStar Rewards program is Arana Leagues Club Ltd, referred to as ALC in these terms and conditions.
  2. The myStar Rewards program is referred to as mSR in these terms and conditions.
  3. Participation in the mSR program indicates acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and agreement to comply with them.
  4. Star Points and other privileges available through the mSR program is only available to financial members of ALC.
  5. Non-financial members as at 1st April of each year will lose any accrued Star Points and Status Credits.
  6. ALC Management reserves the right to impose restrictions or alterations on the mSR offers at their discretion. The decisions of Management are final.
  7. The Star Points and Status Credits, and all other benefits or privileges attained through the mSR program cannot be transferred to any other person other than the member who earned them. It is against Club policy for a member to knowingly give their Members card to another person in order to accumulate Star Points and Status Credits or use said benefits.
  8. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure their membership card is inserted correctly to accumulate Star Points in any Electronic Gaming Machine. It is also the responsibility of the member to present their membership card to any Point-of-Sale to earn Star Points.
  9. The redemption of Star Points must be done in person by the member and their assigned membership card must be presented.
  10. Management will not be liable for any unauthorised use of a member’s card and the subsequent accumulation or redemption of Star Points.
  11. The minimum Status Credits required for each level, per six (6) month qualifying period, are: (1) Diamond – 30,000; (2) Platinum – 15,000; (3) Gold – 7,500; (4) Silver – 3,750; and (5) Bronze – 0.
  12. Star Points earned must be redeemed within twelve (12) months of the date they were accrued. Star Points that are not used within this period will be purged with the exception of Diamond and Platinum members who will have their points purged solely should they either cease to be a financial member of the club or have their membership suspended or terminated by the Board of Directors.
  13. Different accrual rates of Star Points apply as a privilege for each level of mSR.
  14. Participants in mSR will be eligible to move up a level on the 17th day of each month.
  15. Participants in mSR will be reviewed for demotion of levels on the 17th May and 17th November of each year.
  16. The Benefits and Privileges available at each tiered level cannot be used in conjunction with other discount offers, programs or special events at ALC unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions of that offer, program or event.
  17. From time to time, ALC may offer promotional offers exclusive to particular tiers. These offers will vary and are subject to their own specific terms and conditions of use.
  18. Non-cash benefits and privileges cannot be exchanged for cash, with the exception of Star Points which can be exchanged for cash upon redemption.
  19. Management reserves the right to amend or withhold Star Points that are earned through Bottleshop or Function expenditure.
  20. Management will resolve any dispute which arises from a member’s connection with mSR at its own discretion.
  21. In the event of a member’s death or cancellation of their membership, any Status Credits and unredeemed Star Points will be forfeited.
  22. Members who are suspended or terminated by the Board of Directors, or are either self-excluded or venue-excluded from the Club will forfeit all Star Points and Status Credits.
  23. In the event that the mSR program ceases to operate, all benefits will be cancelled within 30 days of issuing notice to members.
  24. ALC accepts no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation, system failure, theft, misplacement, destruction or Third Party failure that results in the accumulation, loss or unavailability of Star Points or mSR privileges and reserves the right to take any action that may be available.
  25. ALC will not be liable for any accident, injury or claim that may occur as a consequence of using the awarded Star Points or any privileges of the mSR program.
  26. ALC Management reserves the right to amend the conditions of mSR at any time without further notice and to also change the privileges, including but not limited to the Status Credit levels.
  27. The policies by which we collect, use and disclose member information, including information collected in connection with the myStar Rewards program, is outlined in our Privacy Policy, available upon request at ALC Reception or at our website.
  28. To opt out of the mSR program, a Member must notify the General Manager in writing.

Responsible Gambling

Arana Leagues Club is committed to ethical and responsible behaviour that recognises the importance of our members’ and patrons’ well-being with a focus on minimising the potential harm of gambling. 

Arana Leagues Club is committed to working to minimise problem gambling.
If gambling is a problem for you, you can ask to speak with one of our customer liaison officers or contact the Gambling Helpline 1800 858 858.