Arana Leagues Club is committed to social responsibility within the community in which it operates.

This commitment is best demonstrated through our Community Contribution Fund.

Arana Leagues Club contributes $782,290 to Local Community in 2018-2019

In the 2018 – 2019 financial year, Arana Leagues Club contributed $782,290 back into the local community through cash and non-cash donations.

This is a something that the Board of Directors are immensely proud of.

Recipients of the funding were widespread and included:

  • 14 charity and welfare organisations
  • 13 sporting and recreation associations
  • 25 local schools
  • 62 local community programs

Providing support and assistance to the youth of the area is of special importance to Arana Leagues Club and a recent donation of $30,000 to 6 local primary schools to support their school chaplaincy programs is one way this is demonstrated.  

Assisting local, junior sport is another major focus for the Fund and each year, the Club also provides the jerseys for all children registered to play for the West Arana Hills Rugby League Football Club and the ongoing maintenance of the two fields.


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Applications must submitted by the second Thursday of the month prior to your event to be considered by the Board of Directors. Applications are only considered in advance, and refunds after your event will not be approved.


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